Kristin Does [0L Prep] I

Guess what time it is?

not that kind of business though

But first, a little background before we get to the details so you’re able to see where my head is and understand my goals a little better.

And as a bonus you’re learning more about me!

i like to think you guys care haha, i may or may not be wrong but let me dream

I went to college about 13 hours away from my “hometown” which isn’t really a town… but is actually the huge city of Los Angeles.

everything is better with gifs

So I graduated last May with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and minor in Communication. After graduating, I stayed in my college town and during the fall interned on a few campaigns, one for City Council, one for State Assembly and one for State Senate. At the beginning of the year I officially moved back to LA then spent the beginning of this “semester” finishing law school applications, and the rest hanging out as I waited for responses.

I initially planned to take the CBEST (California test for teachers) and be a substitute teacher until law school started. However, most districts and sub agencies expected more permanency than 5/6 months (especially since some of those months are summer), and I knew no matter where I went to school I’d be moving at least 2-6 hours away again. Plus, even if I was going to be close, I’ve also heard most people say you shouldn’t work your first year. As a result of all this, I ended up just kind of idly waiting around for acceptances.

Reading law blogs, reading books for fun, researching schools, making pro/con lists, babysitting, being lazy etc.

Ultimately… just kind of waiting to “press play” on life again once I knew where I’d be moving for fall.

Since I’ve been basically chillin like this since I finished apps

one of the most important goals of my prep is to get my mind back in school mode so I’m ready to get down to business in the next 55 days before orientation. Additionally, since I haven’t been in school for months I’m going to a have a little more focus on refreshing my grammar and writing skills. With the exception of this blog (started a week ago…which tbh probably has all kinds of comma splices and run on sentences) 90% of my writing since I finished applications has been text/shorthand/ebonix so I “gotta” remind myself I know how to write.

dont judge me

I came up with this plan over the last few months mainly as a result of law school hacker and TLS forums (which I’ll provide all the links for in the next posts) and I’ve just started reading the first book on the list “Getting to Maybe” so I’m finallyyy prepared to get down to the real prep details! Yay!

Stay tuned =]


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