Updates: What’s Happening?

So as far as 0L prep goes, I didn’t get to do all that I’d hoped, not enough time, and I also did want to enjoy the summer and life before law school started. I did however, finish Getting to Maybe, brush up on writing skills, and research the best ways to study, brief, and outline. Since a lot of what I wanted to do overlapped with these things, and with what Getting to Maybe teaches overall I think it worked out pretty well. I can already see it benefiting me and it’s only the first week.

Also! Side note: 1Ls have this program we sign up for that gives you a 2L or 3L mentor (and although it may be nerdy I signed up for it) and my 2L mentor actually said he just recently got Getting to Maybe this summer to better his own skills and he’s been suggesting it to everyone. So, major win for GTM in my eyes. And my Global Lawyering Skills class (which is basically the same as Legal Research and Writing), one of our required books is Plain English for Lawyers, which is also a book that was on my 0L prep list. I didn’t get to read it, but if I had, or if someone were to read my 0L prep post as far as my one and a half week of 1L experience goes lol, it’s definitely a good book list!

Which brings me toooo Orientation!

It was 3 days (too) long but offered a lot of insight, they had a briefing session, mock class, and other tips and tricks that were realistic and practical that have helped me in this first week. I think it was also partially depressing though lol, so much about depression, and becoming overwhelmed and substance abuse etc. etc….

On the one hand, we obviously all know what we’re getting into (or at least I’d hope people would’ve considered the stress ahead of time) but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to have a million sessions, and experts come in and tell us about how to be deal with the craziness that is going to ensue…I mean where’s the optimism? The good parts? lol

as described by my school haha

Anyway it ended Friday, and Monday was my first day of class.

I have Torts, Criminal Law, Global Lawyering Skills (LRW) and Property.

In my head I was thinking it wouldn’t get crazy as far as reading, and the amount of work until week 2 because it’s mainly introduction to these different types of law.


Yesterday was day 2 and I’m already a little overwhelmed. I’m getting through it, staying above water, but this weekend I plan to super study so that I can get ahead of the reading hopefully up to Wednesday, but I’ll settle for Tuesday. That way, on Monday I’ll be reading for Thursday and Tuesday for Friday, and so on. Even if a case or reading turns out to be harder than others I’ll have a day cushion in between so that I will continue to be ahead.

I’m going to post a more detailed study schedule once I work it out this weekend so if anyone’s interested in organizing your schedule, look out for that!

That’s about it for updates. My hopes for the coming weeks are 1. to make FRIENNDDSS lol, I’m in a whole new city and all I’ve got is acquaintances I met during orientation but the potential friendships are blossoming lol 2. get ahead of reading and 3. create a real solid schedule so that I can do some things beyond studying (which is all I’ve done for the last 4 days) like working out, blogging, etc.

To my fellow 1Ls, how have your first weeks gone? What’s the workload like?


Guess who’s back

Back again

So I have been truly MIA and the worst blogger ever…but in my defense lol it wasn’t on purpose.

There was 2 weeks before I moved that went by way to quickly and I had no time to do anything. I’ve been in Sacramento about 2 weeks and I didn’t have internet in my apartment until 9:00am this morning (which actually made me a little late to my 9:15am class…but that’s another story). So my only option was to blog in the library but this is the first week of school and I haven’t had anytime beyond reading, still somewhat unpacking, and occasionally sleeping and feeding myself to get to it.

Today however, since I have internet at home, before I get into Torts and Global Lawyering Skills I’m going to update you all! I’m also writing a bunch of posts that will be qued so that even if I don’t have time to blog everyday there will always be something coming through the que.

Okay, lets get to the updates!