Guess who’s back

Back again

So I have been truly MIA and the worst blogger ever…but in my defense lol it wasn’t on purpose.

There was 2 weeks before I moved that went by way to quickly and I had no time to do anything. I’ve been in Sacramento about 2 weeks and I didn’t have internet in my apartment until 9:00am this morning (which actually made me a little late to my 9:15am class…but that’s another story). So my only option was to blog in the library but this is the first week of school and I haven’t had anytime beyond reading, still somewhat unpacking, and occasionally sleeping and feeding myself to get to it.

Today however, since I have internet at home, before I get into Torts and Global Lawyering Skills I’m going to update you all! I’m also writing a bunch of posts that will be qued so that even if I don’t have time to blog everyday there will always be something coming through the que.

Okay, lets get to the updates!


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