Surprise Surprise…I made it to 3L year


*fingers crossed*

If this is your first time ever seeing a post from me or visiting my page, let me give you a little history…

2 and a half years ago, as I prepared for the tumultuous journey that is law school…I started a blog. In my preparation for law school, whether it was while I was preparing to take the LSAT, when I was deciding which schools to apply to or attend, when figuring out how to write an application that would be accepted, when figuring out how I could prepare myself for law school classes etc. etc…I learned most of what I knew from blogs.

Blogs had been my intimate look into the world of law school and the legal field when I had no one I could personally ask. I don’t come from a family with lawyers, and there was only 1 person I knew who’d actually been to law school.

And I thought, this is a journey I want to share. Not only did I want to be a resource for people like so many blogs have been for me, but I also wanted to give a perspective that you rarely see in the legal/law student blog realm. The perspective of a black law student, and a woman at that.

BUT, for all my reading, and preparation and planning, the first year or law school was one of THE hardest things I’ve ever had to do. To top it off, I got engaged at the end of my first semester, I was planning a wedding throughout my second semester and throughout a summer internship, and after getting married, I was adjusting to one of the hardest/most rewarding/fun/crazy changes of my life…MARRIAGE lol.

Ultimately…all that meant, I fell off the blog grid and didn’t come back until now.

It’s 3L year, I’ve got A LOT on my plate (Moot Court, VP of multiple clubs, involved in multiple clubs, work, and a legal clinic that’s much more involved than most…etc.) but I finally feel (yeah 2 years later…) like I know how to function in law school and live life a little bit.

So here’s to doing something I enjoy, sharing experiences and being a resource to all the future law-babies out there.

A BUNNCCHHH of fun things are coming your way…STAY TUNED.


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