Real Life 1L Year: How I did in the “Game of Law”

Remember when I did a whole rant about how law school is a game, and I was arming myself with all the skills and knowledge possible to strategically play the game as well as I could going in?

Well…on the one hand I was right, it is SURELY a game.

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It isn’t the person who works the hardest, nor the person who has the most intelligence who will ultimately win. It’s the person who works the SMARTEST within the system of the game- combined with a superb work ethic- who will win the Game of Law School.

On the other hand…I kind of underestimated the true demand of law school, and overestimated how much the books and blog posts I’d read could prepare me for it.

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Now don’t get me wrong, my preparation definitely put me in a better position than at least half the students of my class. I was also able to deal with the craziness and stress of it all a little better because I knew it was coming.

However, I think it’s kind of like having a baby (assuming here…because I have no kids lol).

It doesn’t matter how many maternity books you read, or how many videos or blogs you read about the experience of birth and parenting.

You don’t know…until you KNOW.

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(essentially…until you’re pushing a baby out your hooha and then raising said baby)

So, I’ll be posting two things about my experience during 1L year of law school.

First, the Top 5 things I did well, and that I’d recommend.

Second, the Top 5 things you should definitely do better than me lol… or you know, not do at all.