Law Blog Lingo

Unless you frequently go to law school/student forums or follow a lot of law student/lawyer blogs, most of the “law blog lingo” can be kind of confusing. Therefore, I’ve created this page as a kind of dictionary for any terms I think may not be common knowledge. 


0L = Pre-law student, or incoming law student

1L= First year law student

2L= Second year law student

3L= Third year law student


Hypotheticals = Hypothetical cases/legal situations that test your ability to spot issues and apply law (also known as Hypos)  


LSAC= the Law School Admission Council, they created the LSAT and will be how you submit the majority of your law school applications (similar to the commonapp for undergrad)


T1 = Tier 1, which are the top 50 schools according to U.S. News Rankings

T2= Tier 2, which are the bottom 50 (of the top 100) schools according to U.S. News Rankings

T3= Tier 3, which are the schools directly outside the top 100 (up to 139 I think). They are pretty good/known schools that usually have been in the top 100 at some point but werent “good enough” to make it into the rankings this year. 

T4= Tier 4, which are the bottom, lesser known schools that aren’t very selective (i.e. 75% acceptance rate) 

T10= Top 10 schools in U.S. Rankings

T14= Top 14 schools in U.S Rankings

TTT= Third Tier Toilet (harsh, but something used in forums by people who think any school below Tier 1 means you’ll never have a career)


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