Let Me Tell You a Secret

Secret timmeee

I wasn’t a Polisci major all 4 years in college. I actually went in as a Biology major and Political Science minor.

okay okay…it’s not really a secret

From the 3rd grade on I was absolutely sure I wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. I wanted to specialize in transplants, and later be part of Doctors Without Borders traveling the world and saving the lives of those who couldn’t afford it. I’ve always wanted to help people, and I’ve always been interested in the body. And even as I got older it stuck. I used to watch discovery health religiously. Twins getting separated, moms giving birth, transplant stories… back when they used to have the crazy real life graphic stuff.

I was (and still kind of am) really in love with science.

Then in middle school when I first got my interest in political science I decided I would still be a surgeon but retire by 40/50 and be a politician. I was so sure I was going to be a pediatric surgeon that pretty much everything, including even going to a Medical Magnet high school surrounded the idea of becoming a surgeon.

14 years later… I’m on my way to law school and A LOT in my life plan has changed. If 8 year old, or even 17 year old college freshman Kristin could see me now, she’d be pretty confused.

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My Light Will Not Be Extinguished


Every Month, Every Week, Every Day…a new hashtag, a new tragedy, a new death.

When you have to fear for your life, even in a place of worship (and there was a second church shooting in Memphis today, probably because someone has idolized the Charleston attack), it’s hard to go about your life without being in a constant state of fear.

Fear that the next hashtag will be your mother, your father, your brothers, your sisters…YOU.

Sometimes I’m filled with rage…

I think, will it ever end? How much pain, and oppression must we endure?

Sometimes…I can’t breathe and I can’t focus and it seems like there’s no hope. It’s hard to do anything but think about all of the injustice. Not only in America, and not only to black people but to people of color all over the world. Palestine, the Dominican Republic..there is injustice and oppression everywhere.

I can’t let it kill my drive though.

It is things like this that push me further and deepen my passion for law and becoming a person who causes and contributes to change. Change in the system, change in our communities, and overall change in our society.

I will not let my light be extinguished.

I will work to use every opportunity God gives me to contribute to changing this ugly world.